Paw – The daily helper

Hi there,
Since I work with a Macbook since a few days now, I’d like to share some insights about a great tool for testing HTTP-Services.

When working with microservices on a daily basis, it’s quite important to have proper tooling in place. Otherwise you’ll spent a lot of time setting up environments and requests. As I switched my working device, Paw got my attraction.

Coming from Ubuntu I am quite used to Postman, but never really enjoyed working with this tool.

It starts with, that the it isn’t a native OS Application and needs to be installed as App in chrome. But probably thats a matter of taste.

That being said, Paw offers an awesome native UI, which is quite intuitive.

You can easily group your requests by projects and assign certain environments to them.

Screenshot 2 - Environments

Furthermore you can create your project, by importing the swagger definition of that service, which is really smart!

Last but not least you can easily migrate your postman project to Paw, by just importing that file.

A feature which has been added recently is the „Paw for Teams“ which I think is a great way to empower collaboration. It gives you the possibility to work on a file as team and share them easily. It gives you a kind of git workflow by committing changes and merging them.

Nevertheless you should have in mind that your files will be stored on the Paw servers and you might share confidential information.

I hope I was able to give you some useful impressions about a nice tool.

All the best,